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  • Collecting 2.0

    Easily collect your digital Zhoofs and trade them in the real world using your smartphone app with integrated QR technology.

  • Interaction

    Zhoofs can be found everywhere and adds up to an interactive experience using different types of online and offline media.

  • Face to Face

    Meet up with friends to exchange Zhoofs and complete your collection in a few simple steps.

  • Conversion

    Guide the customer journey through any platform or media type, where you decide to place the Zhoofs.

Easy implementation

Zhoof provides a white-label platform that can easily be customised to fit your brand. We build complete apps or provide integration with existing solutions. The technology is designed to power mobile applications for both iOS, Android and Windows.

The Voice Kids

The Voice Kids is the first brand to apply Zhoof on its television program, where users are able to collect 'Voicies'. With Zhoof, The Voice Kids introduced a brand new, innovative gaming element. View case study